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"Carousel? Uhh, how about the rides? Oh! And the burgers...You're gonna love it!" Alfred said in excitement, while Arthur was dragged by his hand. "Hold on a second! I don't even eat burgers..and rides? I don't have any clue what rubish that is!" He answered to himafter trying to keep up with him. Alfred's expression went blank and he suddenly stopped walking, instantly grasping his sholders and firmly shook him. "Wait! You've never been to the fair or anything like that, huh? Duuuuuude! Your totally missing out!" Grumbling and letting his eyes close in annoyance, Arthur shoved him off and sighed.
"I've heard of them, yes...but I have never gotten into such things."

As they took a bus there England wasin't gonna let 'them riding on a bus' slide past Alfred. "Why did we take the bus, it stinks and people keep staring at--don't you drive!?" Alfred chuckled and placed his palm atop Arthur's head. "This, is faster..And did you think I knew how to get there yet? They just opened Bro'." Arthur shook his head at this point and waited for the bus ride to end while he semi-ignored what he was ranting about until he started to holler how the bus was stopping. "Okay--how good is your bloody hearing?" He yelled back at Alfred as he just laughed and tugged his arm away into the fair area. "Yeah! This is what i'm talkin' about, look at the size of that roller coaster!" He started to say pointing about. Arthur's eyes remained big, studying the area. "Bloody hell.." He muttered, balling up his hands into fists as he started to get nervious of the other and what his actions were to become.

"First of all, eyebrows.. we need to pay our way in! I got this one" He smirks and then starts to pull out American dollars and hands them to the fair workers for tickets. Arthur watched curiously and then looked around before he got pulled away by Alfred once more. Handed tickets he shook his head. "Pardon my asking but, can you pick rides? I just can't choose-- are we going to die?" He twitched and shook a little as they were now standing right outside of the big roller coaster. "I-is this legal?.." Arthur muttered as he looked at the other with shocked eyes. "You told me to pick the rides dude!" He shrugged and pulled him in a seat next to his. "Arent we supposed to wear seat belts?" Arthur asked as he searched around for some sort of protection. "Nope, but this thing here pulls and straps us in pretty much! No worries, if we die we can die together!! It's funnnn." Alfred said in excitement as the ride strapped them in, the fair worker winking at Arthur, seeing as he was about blue at this point.

As the ride yanked them up Arthur was taking breaths and started to clutch the seat as it was heading downhill on the tracks. "No worries!! We will be fine!!--" His voice turned into a excited scream as Arthur scrambled to hold the seat once more. "Alfred!! What in--what the hell!!!" he yelled as his hair swung back as they were going in loops and even upside down. A few moments later the ride came to an abrupt stop and Arthur nearly fainted as the seat released them. "See! That wasint SO bad now was it?" Alfred said patting Arthur's back as he grabbed onto him as they made way away from the coaster. "Bloody hell, next ride I am choosing! I cannot trust you NOT to kill us." He pulled his sleeves over the cuffs of the shirt under the sweater. "I got a suprise planned for ya! Your gonna love it." Alfred said randomly as he let a fond smile fill his lips. At this point a flash of red stained Arthur's cheeks, he sharply looked away puzzled by this sudden emotion. "What do you mean, suprise? Don't tell me your gonna take us on another bloody life threatning ride again.." After those words escaped him Alfred smiled and patted his head. "Pffft, I can't promise that" He waved a finger in front of the 'brits' face. Arthur rolled his eyes and shoved his hand away. "Stop that!"

They soon got cotton candy and ate food, Arthur perfering not to eat burgers while Alfred of course ate about two already. They made their way to the shooting game and Arthur held the shotgun close and started to miss the targets until Arthur sighed. "This is rubish.." And grasped the gun away from him and shot them all and smiled as Alfred balled up his fists and punched him in the arm a little. "Freaken jerk!! I could have done better then you!" He pointed and fumed as Arthur stood with his arms crossed and smiled, suddenly handed a big bear as they started to walk away. "I don't know why he insisted on handing this to me, I think I may just give it to Canada." He chuckled then stopped and put the bear in Alfreds arms. "Here, thats for me showing off." He smiled lightly. "I don't really get out much and I wanted know thank you." Alfred listened and then hugged him tight. "Aww, come here eyebrows" Arthur glared and started to try and move his arms to somehow hit the American but then hugged him back, feeling his warmth made him tremble, he didin't wanna stop hugging him. Alfred laughed nerviously, only to let him go. "You ah.. like hugs I take it?" Arthur blushed and grabbed his coat jacket and walked off embarrassed.

(End of chapter)
Hahahaha... >_>
Welp, I decided one day to have APH dreams and look where it got me.

I hope some of you take time to read the first chapter of this England and America story I typed up! I will post a second chapter to those who like it. :) I am not a perfect writer but I don't want any unwanted negitive comments either.

Hetalia fanfiction, enjoy.

Please favorite if you like and leave a comment! Chapter 2 is now being written! Thanks for over 200 views!
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